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Q.6richtextScripting::Powershell:: Command Examples.
Q.76plainScripting::Perl::How to get date information of files.
Q.77plainScripting::Perl::How to use the pattern match operator m//.
Q.78plainScripting::Perl::How to manipulate/work on directories.
Q.79plainScripting::Perl::How to view perl manuals as plain text document.
Q.81plainScripting::Perl::How to read one line at a time from a text file.
Q.82plainScripting::Perl::How to open files with open().
Q.83plainScripting::Perl::What is the difference between single quote (') and double quote (").
Q.96plainScripting::Perl::How to sort a hash by its values.
Q.97plainScripting::Perl:: How to declare and empty hash.
Q.98plainScripting::Perl:: How to loop through a hash given it's hash reference.
Q.418richtextScripting::Python::Examples:: How to do formatted print.
Q.841richtextScripting::Python::Certification:: What are the available Python Certifications.
Q.906richtextScripting::Powershell:: How to start powershell.
Q.1188richtextScripting::Powershell:: How to obtain the command history.
Q.1189richtextScripting::Powershell:: How to display Powershell version.
Q.1365plainScripting::Powershell::Syntax:: If and Switch statements.
Q.1366plainScripting::Powershell::Syntax:: Do While - Do Until - For - ForEach loops.
Q.1367plainScripting::Powershell::Syntax:: Reading from or Writing to a file.
Q.1368plainScripting::Powershell::Syntax:: Writing to a HTML or CSV file.
Q.1369plainScripting::Powershell::Syntax:: Arrays - Constants - Functions - Variables.
Q.1370plainScripting::Powershell::Syntax:: How to create objects.
Q.1371plainScripting::Powershell::Syntax:: Writing to Console or Capturing User input.
Q.1372plainScripting::Powershell::Syntax:: line breaks - comments - merging lines - piping output to another command.
Q.1379richtextScripting::Python::Help:: How to get help from python interpreter.
Q.1380richtextScripting::Python::Syntax:: What are Python reserved words.
Q.1382richtextScripting::Python::Examples::Strings:: How to loop through the characters in a string.
Q.1383richtextScripting::Python::Examples::Strings:: How to slice strings.
Q.1384richtextScripting::Python::Examples::Strings:: How to test whether a character is found in a string.
Q.1385richtextScripting::Python::String:: How to determine what methods are availble for a string and how to invoke them.
Q.1387richtextScripting::Python:: How to run a simple web (http) server.
Q.1390richtextScripting::Python::Dictionaries:: Notes on dictionaries in Python.
Q.1396richtextScripting::Powershell:: How to count lines from the output.
Q.1400richtextScripting::Powershell::4.0:: Examples.
Q.1402richtextScripting::Powershell::Operators:: What is the syntax for -f format operator.
Q.1403richtextScripting::Powershell:: How to launch powershell from command line.
Q.1405richtextScripting::Python::Syntax:: Python 2.x reserved words aka vocabulary.
Q.1406richtextScripting::Python::Syntax:: What are the python 2.x operators.
Q.1410richtextScripting::Powershell:: General Tips.
Q.1414richtextScripting::Python::Cheatsheet:: Python 2 quick reference.
Q.1417richtextScripting::Python::String:: What are the string methods and their syntax.
Q.1419richtextScripting::Python::Modules::web2py:: Where to download web2py.
Q.1422richtextScripting::Python::Modules::Web2py:: What is the command line syntax for web2py.
Q.1424richtextScripting::Python::Modules::Web2py:: How to connect to the admin console.
Q.1442richtextScripting::Powershell:: What are the execution policies for powershell.
Q.1446richtextScripting::Powershell::2.0:: Examples.
Q.1501richtextScripting::Python::Examples::Strings:: Functions (methods) for the string.
Q.1504richtextScripting::Python::List:: How to manipulate LIsts.
Q.1509richtextScripting::Python::List:: Demonstration of list methods.
Q.1517richtextScripting::Python::2.7:: What are the builtin functions.
Q.1520richtextScripting::Perl:: How to run external commands.
Q.1523richtextScripting::Python::Documentation:: Python docs.
Q.1566richtextScripting::Python::Cheatsheet:: Pandas library cheatsheet.
Q.1587richtextScripting::Powershell:: What are the execution policies and related commands.
Q.1637richtextScripting::Powershell::AWS:: Examples of AWS powershell cmdlets.
Q.1706richtextScripting::Perl:: How to capture the output of Operating System (OS) command to a variable.
Q.1727richtextScripting::Python:: Variables.
Q.1728richtextScripting::Python::Examples::Variables:: Assigning data to variables.
Q.1729richtextScripting::Python::Examples::Operators:: String operations.
Q.1730richtextScripting::Python::Examples::Operators:: List Operations.