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Q.76plainScripting::Perl::How to get date information of files.
Q.77plainScripting::Perl::How to use the pattern match operator m//.
Q.78plainScripting::Perl::How to manipulate/work on directories.
Q.79plainScripting::Perl::How to view perl manuals as plain text document.
Q.81plainScripting::Perl::How to read one line at a time from a text file.
Q.82plainScripting::Perl::How to open files with open().
Q.83plainScripting::Perl::What is the difference between single quote (') and double quote (").
Q.96plainScripting::Perl::How to sort a hash by its values.
Q.97plainScripting::Perl:: How to declare and empty hash.
Q.98plainScripting::Perl:: How to loop through a hash given it's hash reference.
Q.1520richtextScripting::Perl:: How to run external commands.
Q.1706richtextScripting::Perl:: How to capture the output of Operating System (OS) command to a variable.