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Q.1richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux:: where to find perl.
Q.3richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Solaris:: How to replace a failed disk in Solaris that is part of a an SVM mirror.
Q.7richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Solaris:: How to display ip address of the system.
Q.17richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::How to determine the home directory and default shell for a user.
Q.18plainSoftware::OS::Unix::How to configure man path (MANPATH) for new applications.
Q.19richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Utilities::vi::how to insert a string at beginning of each line.
Q.20plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Utilities::vi::How to search and replace keywords for whole document.
Q.22plainSoftware::OS::Unix::How to determine the default shell.
Q.26plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::How to check the shared library required by a program.
Q.27plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::Shell::Scripting:: How to test whether a file exists in a shell script.
Q.29plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Utilities::cron::What is the syntax of cron table (crontab syntax).
Q.30plainSoftware::OS::Unix::What is a daemon.
Q.31plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::Where are the initialisation rc files.
Q.32plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::Where are the man source files.
Q.33plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Where is the file listing network protocols.
Q.38plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::Where are the Linux telnet/login access control files.
Q.42plainSoftware::OS::Unix::How to list valid signals.
Q.48plainSoftware::OS::Unix::How to change or display the current terminal keyboard setting.
Q.50plainSoftware::OS::Unix::How to find files by name.
Q.51plainSoftware::OS::Unix::How to use CDROM on unix/linux.
Q.52plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Networking::How to display the host's arp table.
Q.53plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Utilities::cc::How to use - cc.
Q.54plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Utilities::crontab::How to use - crontab.
Q.55plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Commands::date:: How to use - date.
Q.56richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Commands::grep:: How to use - grep.
Q.57plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Commands::ifconfig:: How to use - ifconfig.
Q.58plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Commands::netstat:: How to use - netstat.
Q.59plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Commands::unset:: How to use - unset.
Q.60richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Utilities::vi::What are the vi commands (vi cheatsheet).
Q.61plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::How to run awk program file from command line or shell script.
Q.62richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::How to create a soft link.
Q.63plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Utilities::What is vmstat.
Q.64plainSoftware::OS::Unix::What is /etc/profile.
Q.65plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Utilities::sendmail::Where is the sendmail configuration file.
Q.66plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Networking::Where is the dns configuration file.
Q.84richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::RHEL:: How to change your machine hostname.
Q.91plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::How to use modprobe to probe a loadable kernel module.
Q.92plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux:: How to use insmod to install a loadable kernel module.
Q.93plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Commands::ls:: How to use - ls.
Q.122richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Solaris::commands::find:: How to find files larger or smaller than a certain size from a particular directory.
Q.123plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Tru64::networking:: How to add static route.
Q.127plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux:: Where is the home directory and default shell for a user defined.
Q.128plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux:: How to enable or disable certain users from accessing the FTP server.
Q.130plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::mc:: How to connect to an ftp server from Midnight Commander (mc).
Q.131richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux:: What is the linux boot sequence.
Q.134plainSoftware::OS::Unix:: How to create a new user.
Q.323plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux:: Where are the howto documentation.
Q.324plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux:: How to create boot floppy disk from gzipped image.
Q.325plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::Samba:: How to set up samba to allow public access.
Q.326plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::Samba:: How to stop, start or restart smb daemon.
Q.341plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Solaris:: How to set the screen resolution for the CDE desktop login.
Q.451plainSoftware::OS::Unix:: How to check terminal capabilities.
Q.471plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Shell::Examples:: How to use while loop.
Q.472plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux:: How to enable FTP.
Q.473plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux:: How to ftp from midnight commander (mc).
Q.474plainSoftware::OS::Unix:: Where is the anonymous FTP default login directory.
Q.476plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux:: How to change the host's IP address.
Q.477plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux:: How to configure auto start for services.
Q.478plainSoftware::OS::Unix:: How to use tar to backup with exclusion.
Q.479plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux:: How to control magnetic tape drives from command line (using mt).

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006:[Linux:: where to find perl]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris:: How to replace a failed disk in Solaris that is part of a an SVM mirror]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to display ip address of the system]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Utilities::vi::how to insert a string at beginning of each line]:subcat:Utilities
006:[Utilities::vi::How to search and replace keywords for whole document]:subcat:Utilities
006:[Linux::How to check the shared library required by a program]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Shell::Scripting:: How to test whether a file exists in a shell script]:subcat:Linux
006:[Utilities::cron::What is the syntax of cron table (crontab syntax)]:subcat:Utilities
006:[Linux::Where are the initialisation rc files]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Where are the man source files]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Where are the Linux telnet/login access control files]:subcat:Linux
006:[Networking::How to display the host's arp table]:subcat:Networking
006:[Utilities::cc::How to use - cc]:subcat:Utilities
006:[Utilities::crontab::How to use - crontab]:subcat:Utilities
006:[Commands::date:: How to use - date]:subcat:Commands
006:[Commands::grep:: How to use - grep]:subcat:Commands
006:[Commands::ifconfig:: How to use - ifconfig]:subcat:Commands
006:[Commands::netstat:: How to use - netstat]:subcat:Commands
006:[Commands::unset:: How to use - unset]:subcat:Commands
006:[Utilities::vi::What are the vi commands (vi cheatsheet)]:subcat:Utilities
006:[Linux::How to run awk program file from command line or shell script]:subcat:Linux
006:[Utilities::What is vmstat]:subcat:Utilities
006:[Utilities::sendmail::Where is the sendmail configuration file]:subcat:Utilities
006:[Networking::Where is the dns configuration file]:subcat:Networking
006:[Linux::RHEL:: How to change your machine hostname]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::How to use modprobe to probe a loadable kernel module]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: How to use insmod to install a loadable kernel module]:subcat:Linux
006:[Commands::ls:: How to use - ls]:subcat:Commands
006:[Solaris::commands::find:: How to find files larger or smaller than a certain size from a particular directory]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Tru64::networking:: How to add static route]:subcat:Tru64
006:[Linux:: Where is the home directory and default shell for a user defined]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: How to enable or disable certain users from accessing the FTP server]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::mc:: How to connect to an ftp server from Midnight Commander (mc)]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: What is the linux boot sequence]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: Where are the howto documentation]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: How to create boot floppy disk from gzipped image]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Samba:: How to set up samba to allow public access]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Samba:: How to stop, start or restart smb daemon]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris:: How to set the screen resolution for the CDE desktop login]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Shell::Examples:: How to use while loop]:subcat:Shell
006:[Linux:: How to enable FTP]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: How to ftp from midnight commander (mc)]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: How to change the host's IP address]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: How to configure auto start for services]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: How to control magnetic tape drives from command line (using mt)]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: How to set up console (terminal) access on COM1 or COM2 serial port on a PC hardware]:subcat:Linux
006:[Shell:: How to determina the number of parameters passed to the shell]:subcat:Shell
006:[Linux::Shell:: How to write bash script with fixed number of arguments]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::tar:: How to untar a tar file to a different directory]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Shell:: How to assign date to a variable]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Samba:: Where are the samba log files]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Commands::date:: How to format the output of the date command]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::dump:: How to use dump to perform image backup]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Samba:: How to mount remote file system with samba]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Shell::bash:: How to create shortcut commands via alias]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::gawk:: How to use gawk to process output of another command]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::gawk:: How to use gawk]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::mc:: Where is the Midnight Commander (mc) user config file]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL:: How to install .rpm package]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Networking:: How to configure for dynamic IP using DHCP]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: How to check which process is using a TCP or UDP port]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: How to switch from text mode to x windows and vice versa]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Applications::VNC:: how to connect to linux via vnc]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Applications::VNC:: How to configure vncservers for multiple users]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Red Hat:: How to enable telnet in default Red Hat installation]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Commands::du:: How to check disk usage under a folder tree]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Applications::VNC:: How to set the desktop size for the vnc server]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Applications::JRE:: How to set up Java Runtime Enviroment (JRE)]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris:: How to use USB removable storage devices]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to configure lan network interface for static IP]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::Networking:: How to change the default gateway setting]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::10::Networking:: How to set up dns properties on the host]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to add a user]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to modify a user's group membership]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to use tape drives]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::tar:: Examples of how to use tar to backup and restore]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to change the banner message for incoming telnet connections]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::ssh:: How to enable ssh login as root]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to check the service/daemon status]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::SSH:: What are the steps in the SSH authentication process]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::SSH:: How is sshd (SSH Daemon) configured and controlled]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::SSH:: What are the files related to SSH]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::SSH:: What are the ssh related commands]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to fix /etc/shadow when /etc/passwd file corrupted]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to start stop SNMP daemon (snmpdx)]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: Where is the SNMP Daemon configuration file]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::ufsdump:: How to backup one (1) file system using ufsdump]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to access removable media (floppy/cd/tape/external disks etc)]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to check the current tape device config, eg. pci slot, scsi id etc]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::Networking:: How to view the network interface statistics]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::ufsdump:: How to backup multiple file systems using ufsdump]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to determine the network interface speed, duplex setting for a network interface]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to set network interface link speed and duplex]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to run a shell script detached from the terminal with output captured to a file]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to use ed editor, the default editor used in crontab]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to check/find out the system up time]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to decompress and extract a zipped tar (.tar.gz or .tgz) file]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::cron:: How to change the editor used for editing cron table]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::applications::openssl:: How to install openssl]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::10:: How to resolve CDE screen resolution problem after installation]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::9:: Where is the default login and profile scripts for users]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to search for files matching a pattern and then search for keywords within those files]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::Security:: Where to obtain hardening guide for Solaris 9]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to rename multiple files]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to display the system and device information]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to install gcc]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Linux:: How to configure static or dynamic IP]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: How to add another disk to the system]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: How to use file names containing spaces]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: How to mount a newly formatted disk]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: How to allow boot messages to be viewed via serial port]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: How to use lsof to check process owning a TCP/UDP port]:subcat:Linux
006:[Utilities::scp:: How to use scp to copy files]:subcat:Utilities
006:[Solaris:: How to install Midnight Commander]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Linux::RHEL:: How to list all rpm files installed]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris:: How to activate changes to keyboard settings]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to detect newly inserted hard disk]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Linux::Red Hat Enterprise Linux::7.x:: How to determine the current "run level" in RHEL 7]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris:: How to set or change the system hostname]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::Networking:: How to configure a network interface for dynamic IP using DHCP]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::awk:: How to do formatted print with awk]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to check the thread count of a process]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to non-interactively display available disks using format command]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Commands::sed:: Examples of how to use sed]:subcat:Commands
006:[Commands::find:: How to find files by user]:subcat:Commands
006:[Shell:: How to set shell prompt string]:subcat:Shell
006:[Solaris::Java:: How to install JDK using self extracting binary]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::Java:: How to install Java as a package]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::Java:: What are the formats of Java JDK/JRE installer available]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to perform solaris jumpstart installation]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::Bookmarks related to Solaris]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to recovery a solaris system that cannot boot after patching]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Shell:: How to obtain the filename part of a full path]:subcat:Shell
006:[Shell:: How to display the output of ps command in custom format selecting only specific columns]:subcat:Shell
006:[Shell::Examples:: Reading input]:subcat:Shell
006:[Solaris:: How to obtain password expiry information and other details about a user account]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::10:: How to install Solaris with ZFS root]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Linux::Oracle Linux:: How to check whether SELINUX is enabled or not]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Oracle Linux:: How to enable or disable SELINUX]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Oracle Linux::6:: How to set up yum repository]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris::10:: How to stop SNMP daemon]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Linux:: How to resolve "Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server Xlib: No protocol specified" issue]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: Which is the master script that starts networking]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: How to change linux kernel parameters and activate the changes]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: What are the popular Linux distributions and their characteristics]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: Where is the file descriptor limit (open file limit) set in Linux]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris::11:: How to become root after fresh install of solaris 11]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to add solaris desktop after installing with text installer]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Networking:: How to determine the MAC address of an interface]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to manage the GRUB menu]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Storage::ZFS:: How to convert a zfs pool from single disk to a mirror of 2 disk]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: What is a boot archive]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to expand pool space in a mirror]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to show the process environment and arguments used by a process when it was started]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to create a new service by copying service manifest of an existing service]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Installation:: How to add system configuration profile to AI service to make the automated installation truly automatic without any interactive system configuration at the end of the install]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Zones:: How to boot a zone]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: Where to get Solaris 11 documentation in oracle website]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Linux:: How to stop / start a service]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris::11:: How to identify SMI or EFI labelled disk]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::IPS:: What are the default origin and publisher for Solaris IPS (Image Packaging System)]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::IPS:: How to change the default publisher for an IPS client]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Installation:: How to perform automated Solaris 11 install for more than 1 client using MAC address criteria]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: What is the Solaris 11 boot process]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to test the smtp-notify service on your local solaris 11 server]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Networking:: How to configure static IP address on a new interface]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to enable email notification of service change of state]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Storage::iSCSI:: How to set up iscsi target]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Storage::iSCSI:: What are the iscsi commands]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Storage::iSCSI:: What is the difference between solaris 10 and solaris 11 in management of iscsi LUNS]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to boot to different milestones from SPARC openboot prompt]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: What are the differences between solaris 10 and solaris 11]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to install boot block on x86 using grub]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: What are the fields in the /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: what is an image]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How does solaris 11 resolves hostname lookup and how is it different from solaris 10]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to check a particular property of a service in SMF]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::Zones:: Where to find more information about zones]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::ZFS:: How to display zfs snapshots when it is not listed by zfs list command]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::SSH:: What are the differences between authorized_keys and known_hosts file]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Networking:: How to assign or deassign static or dynamic IP address to a an interface starting with datalink status of unknown for NCP DefaultFixed]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::ZFS:: What is the difference between refquota and quota property of a ZFS dataset]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::ZFS:: What are the different quotas and reservations that can be set on a ZFS dataset]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to show the mapping between datalink names and the physical device names]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::SPARC:: How to view or modify the HostID in a SUN SPARC server from openboot or solaris environment]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::zones:: How to perform various common tasks on a zone]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::zfs:: how to backup and restore zfs snaphot]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: Where is the minimum password length setting set and what is the default]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::IPS:: What are the 2 types of IPS repositories]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: What are the characteristics of running liveCD]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Zones:: What are types of zones and the commands to create them]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Zones:: How to identify an immutable zone]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to relabel a disk with SMI (VTOC) label e.g. when recovering ZFS root disk]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to install boot block on Solaris 11 SPARC/x86]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to determine what are the default values used during user account creation by useradd and how to customise it]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: what are coreadm and dumpadm and what are the differences]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Patching:: How to check for and/or install package updates]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Certification::1Z0-822:: What are the exam topics]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to set the Internal Field Separator (IFS) to modify the behaviour of for loops when processing text files]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to set the Internal Field Separator (IFS) to "newline" to allow processing a file line by line using for loop]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Linux:: How to configure default gateway and DNS servers for static IP]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Networking:: How to configure for static IP]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL/Centos:: How to switch from text login to graphical (desktop) login]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: How to change from console (text) login to desktop (graphical) login and vice versa]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: How to enable root to login to the desktop with Gnome Desktop Manager (GDM)]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris::11:: pkg command examples]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::ZFS:: Where does Solaris keep its zfs configuration and how to repair a damaged configuration]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Networking::IPMP:: Factsheet on IPMP (IP MultiPathing)]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to ensure nfs server service can start]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: What is the order of precedence for SMF repository layers to decide which setting is delivered to the service.]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Zones:: How to remove the resource pool property of a zone configuration]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to find out the environment variables used by a process]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to change or set a particular environment variable for a service]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to obtain more information to troubleshoot service failures]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to repair a service in maintenance state]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: What are the files used for Role Based Access Control (roles, profiles, authorizations, privileges)]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::Shell:: How to find files older than X days and list the files showing date in numeric month format and filename and sorted by date]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to debug and determine privileges required by a command using ppriv command]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to configure system log (syslog) as the audit message destination]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to convert a disk label from EFI to SMI and vice versa]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::10::What are the examples of zpool/zfs commands]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Zones:: What are the zone related commands]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::10 and above:: How to view process priority and scheduling class]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: What are some of the system monitoring commands]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::zfs:: What are the pool configuration considerations]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::Shell:: What are the test operators that can be used in if block]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::Shell:: How to execute a command stored in a string from within a script]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: What are the SMF milestones]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::RBAC:: where to get more info about rights profiles database file (prof_attr, prof_attr.d, prof_attr.d/local-entries etc)]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::RBAC:: How to assign a rights profile to a role]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::RBAC:: How to view the authorizations, profiles, roles and privileges]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::RBAC:: How to identify a given name is a role or user]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::RBAC:: What is the profile named "Stop"]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::RBAC:: Where are the default authorization(s) and profile(s) defined]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::RBAC:: Whare are the elements of RBAC and how are they related.]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Zones::Network:: What are the characteristics of virtual switch and etherstub and what are their differences]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Networking:: Where to find online documentation on Solaris 11 TCP/IP administration]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Zones:: How to configure and unconfigure memory resource control on a zone]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Networking:: What is the difference between ip forwarding and routing]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::IPS:: IPS cheatsheet]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::IPS:: What is the difference between the Oracle Solaris Release Repository (/solaris/release) and Oracle Solaris Support Repository (/solaris/support)]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::IPS:: What is a depot server (pkg.depotd)]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::IPS:: What are the types of repositories in IPS]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::IPS:: How to populate your package repository from internet or from an ISO file]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::IPS:: What are the ways to retrieve IPS packages remotely]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::IPS:: What are the various signature policies available in IPS]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::IPS:: What is publisher stickiness and what is the default publisher stickiness]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: What are the different network configuration profiles in Solaris 11]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: What are the features of Link Aggregation and IPMP]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: What are the differences between Link Aggregation and IPMP]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to list shares defined in zfs file system]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: What are the differences in create shares in ZFS between Solaris 11 and Solaris 11.1]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to recursively list all NFS share related properties in ZFS file system]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: What are the audit classes]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Auditing:: What is the flow of Solaris auditing]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::10:: How to remove/delete a non-global zone]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Resource Management:: How to display the scheduling class of a process]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::10:: Where to find guide on installing Solaris 10 whole root]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Certification::1Z0-822:: What is the passing score]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::IPS:: Where to get more information about IPS Concepts]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::10:: How to use Live upgrade to migrate a system without zones from UFS root to ZFS root]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::10:: How to check software product version other than using pkginfo -l]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to verify existence of boot block]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::10:: How to confirm whether you have an x86 or x64 version]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::10:: How to add additional or special ACL for ZFS filesystem]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::10:: How to plumb up a new IP interface]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to find out the processor architecture of the hardware]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Linux:: How to list the open files owned by a process]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris::10:: How to change the size of swap and dump area in ZFS after installation]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::10::iSCSI:: How to discover iSCSI targets on a server running MHVTL from a machine running Solaris 10]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to obtain real time CPU (processor) usage statistics]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to recover corrupted files in zfs pool]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to use file comparison in an if-then-else-fi block]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: Where to find sunfreeware such as wget in a default solaris 10 installation]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Linux::Networking:: How to change the network interface device name mapping]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: what system files to update when you remove a disk permanently]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: How to add new secondary group to a user]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Red Hat Enterprise Linux:: How to add application specific custom profile for all users without using /etc/profile]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Desktop::Gnome:: How to ensure that keyboard repeat is enabled in GNOME Terminal application]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::yum:: What are some of the yum repositories available for Redhat / Centos Linux]:subcat:Linux
006:[Utilities::vi:: How to replace ^M (control-M) character when editing a file]:subcat:Utilities
006:[Linux::Red Hat Enterprise Linux:: As root user how to monitor what commands were issued in bash shell by other users]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Redhat:: How to disable dictionary checking when assigning passwords]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Redhat/Centos:: How to install nslookup]:subcat:Linux
006:[sendmail:: What are the file types and their naming conventions]:subcat:sendmail
006:[Linux::commands::sudo:: How to enable user1 to run su - without requiring password]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris:: Where is the password history for users stored]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Shell::bash:: How to determine yesterday's date in bourne shell (sh) or bash]:subcat:Shell
006:[Shell:: How to create a file name containing the date today]:subcat:Shell
006:[Shell::Commands::for:: Examples of how to use for]:subcat:Shell
006:[Shell::Commands::sed:: Examples of how to use sed]:subcat:Shell
006:[Solaris:: How to determine what is the default gateway on the system]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: What GUI tool can be used to check software products installed in Solaris.]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Installation:: How to create an install service from a downloaded ISO file for x86]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Installation:: How to list enabled (install) services]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Installation:: How to list any installation manifests associated with the install services]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Installation:: How to export the default installation manifest associated with the s11x86 service]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Installation:: Import a manifest to be associated with the s11x86 service]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to determine the system's memory size, cpu information]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::Packages:: How to install and configure OpenSSH]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to determine which package an installed file belongs to]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to determine the current memory utilization]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: Where are the security and password policy files]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to display verbose service startup messages during boot up of Solaris from OpenBoot ok prompt]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to determine the number of file descriptors used by a process]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to use pkgadd to install a software]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: An example of how to create Solaris Volume Manager (SVM) mirror disk]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to get password expiry information and other details of a user account]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to list physical memory usage per process for all users]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to obtain list of ip addresses configured from ifconfig]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Linux::RHEL::7::RHCE:: EX300 Certification Exam Objectives]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris:: How to list files and sort by size]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: Some General tips for the Solaris administrator]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to perform a non-interactive low-level format of a HDD]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to combine Solaris 11 repository image partial ISO files into a single iso image file]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: Cheatsheet for common admin tasks]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Networking:: What are the commands to configure, add, modify and delete IP address]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Boot Environments:: What are the examples of beadm command usage]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Networking::Name Service:: What are the SMF service names and corresponding legacy configuration files]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Zones:: How to exit to the global zone after login into the non-global zone Console]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Certification::1Z0-580:: What are the topics to be covered for this exam]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Linux::commands::sudo:: How to have allow multiple commands without password and also commands with parameters]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Redhat::rpm:: Examples of rpm command usage]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris:: What are the characteristics of LDOM and zones and what are their differences]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::ZFS:: How to use chmod command to set ACL of files or directories on ZFS filesystems]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::Networking:: How to view the tunable TCP parameters and set them such as TCP timestamp (tcp_wscale_always)]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::10::Networking:: How to restart networking to activate changes to network properties such as interface hostnames and ip addresses]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::Desktop::Java Desktop:: How to move desktop objects such as launch menu etc if they get relocated]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Linux::RHEL::7::RHCE:: System configuration and management part 1]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Redhat/Centos:: How to ensure required fonts are available for your X Windows]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Redhat:: Where to change your default router]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Ubuntu:: How to change the keyboard layout and language]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Red Hat Enterprise Linux:: How to enable GUI login for root]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Tools::yum:: How to list yum repositories in your system]:subcat:Linux
006:[Shell:: What are the configuration files for BASH, CSH and KSH]:subcat:Shell
006:[Shell::bash:: How to run a command from the command history]:subcat:Shell
006:[Commands::grep:: How to search for backslash character]:subcat:Commands
006:[Solaris::Cluster:: How to fix Cluster Device ID mismatches]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Utilities::vi:: Examples of how to use vi within a script to edit a file]:subcat:Utilities
006:[Linux::commands::grep:: How to use grep tr and cut to extract the IP address only from ifconfig command]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Redhat:: How to managed ACLs with getfacl and setfacl]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Redhat:: How to enable user and group quota to a filesystem]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris::ZFS:: Where to locate the .zfs snapshot directory for a ZFS filesystem]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Linux::Red Hat Enterprise Linux::7.x:: What are systemd targets and how does it compare with SysV init run levels]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Red Hat Enterprise Linux::7.x:: How to run virtual manager or virsh the user interface tools for KVM]:subcat:Linux
006:[Networking:: What is tcp wrapper what are the config files and how to determine if a service is using it]:subcat:Networking
006:[Commands::grep:: How to search for backslash character]:subcat:Commands
006:[Linux::Red Hat Enterprise Linux:: How to check what input devices are available and to enable or disable devices such as trackpad]:subcat:Linux
006:[Shell::bash:: how to loop from 1 to 20 with a while loop]:subcat:Shell
006:[Linux::Red Hat Enterprise Linux::7.x:: How to create a yum repo with your RHEL DVD]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Red Hat Enterprise Linux:: How to install wireshark]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Red Hat Enterprise Linux::7.x:: How to install remote desktop (RDP) client - rdesktop]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Selinux:: What is the location of SELinux config file and what are the possible settings]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Red Hat Enterprise Linux::7.x::firewalld:: How to enable debug logging for firewalld]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris:: How to disable TCP Timestamp]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Linux::Red Hat Enterprise Linux:: How to disable tcp timestamp]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Red Hat Enterprise Linux::7.x:: How to mount an iso file]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Red Hat Enterprise Linux::7.x:: How to install google chrome]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: How to display processes in a tree view like solaris's ptree]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris::10:: How to protect rpc/bind with tcp wrappers]:subcat:Solaris
006:[commands::sendmail:: What are the files in /var/spool/clientmqueue and]:subcat:commands
006:[commands::kill:: how to obtain the list of SIGNALS names and their numbers]:subcat:commands
006:[Linux:: How to use sysctl to tune kernel parameters at runtime]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::iptables:: Script to define basic iptables ruleset]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: Where to obtain more information about Advanced Routing and Traffic Control on Linux such as all Linux network parameters that can be tuned]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Red Hat Enterprise Linux::Boot Loader::grub:: How to project grub with a password]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: How to set files to be immutable using chattr command]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Red Hat Enterprise Linux:: How to use blkid command to check whether media is present in a CD-ROM drive]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL:: How to use yum to install rpm packages without using any repository]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: How to display ANSI Color Code table in bash shell]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Red Hat Enterprise Linux:: How to use rpm or yum or repoquery to manage software packages]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Red Hat Enterprise Linux:: How to use rpm to install packages with circular dependencies]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: How to add user specific aliases for users with bash shell]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7::commands::systemctl:: Examples of systemctl command usage]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris::commands::mdb:: How to use the Solaris modular debugger]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Linux::iptables:: How to manipulate iptables]:subcat:Linux
006:[Shell::bash:: for loop examples]:subcat:Shell
006:[Linux::Shell:: How to perform arithmetic such as addition subtraction etc in bash and sh]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Suse Enterprise Linux Server:: Where to obtain SLES documentation]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris::10:: How to switch between dtlogin (CDE) and GDM (Gnome) for graphical login]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to ensure chown command works for symbolic links]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::10::Auditing:: How to confirm that auditing is enabled]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Shell::bash:: bash cheat sheet]:subcat:Shell
006:[Solaris::10:: How to mount cd or dvd rom]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Shell::bash:: How to use for look to rename some files with a suffix]:subcat:Shell
006:[Linux::Red Hat Enterprise Linux:: How to check the number of CPU and amount of RAM]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::commands::grep:: how to use grep to search for a keyword and display the filename, line number and the matching line text]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris::10:: What are the Solaris 10 releases and their dates]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to show permanent route entries to be applied during startup]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to configure name resolution by DNS nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf and /etc/nsswitch.conf]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Linux::Red Hat Enterprise Linux::7.x:: How mount NTFS drive on RHEL linux]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::SUSE:: How to re scan disk controller for newly added disk]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris::11::Networking:: How to list Network Configuration Profile and identify which is active]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Linux::RHEL:: Where to find IP command cheatsheet]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris:: Where to download Solaris freeware packages]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to download and install freeware from]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Linux::iptables:: How to disable iptables]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL:: How to check route and add new static route]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL:: How to use yum to install *.rpm without using a repository]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL:: How to extend file system by adding a new disk]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: How to disable password complexity]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::commands::chpasswd:: How to change user password non interactively using chpasswd]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::6.x:: How to install additional software e.g. firefox from redhat ISO]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: How to use pstree to show process tree in Linux like ptree in solaris]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: How to make files immutable (unchangeable) in Linux]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL:: How to check the CPU and RAM (memory) installed]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL:: How to check whether transparent huge pages is enabled and how to enable or disable]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL:: Examples commands to update firewall rules in RHEL]:subcat:Linux
006:[SSH::Openssh:: How to avoid ssh session timeout and ensure that client keep alive setting can work with the sshd server]:subcat:SSH
006:[Linux::RHEL:: How to set up yum repository with a mounted DVD iso]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: EX200 Certification Exam Objectives (for RHEL 7)]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: How to set your server timezone]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: systemctl cheatsheet]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris::11:: How to configure a local repository with the Solaris 11.3 GA and 11.3 SRU repository files]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to fix missing icons on GNOME desktop panel after applying SRU update]:subcat:Solaris
006:[shells:: Comparison of commands in sh bash ksh and csh]:subcat:shells
006:[Linux::Redhat:: How to list block devices in Redhat or Centos to identify hard disk devices]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::commands::ethtool:: How to use ethtool to query or configure Network Interface settings such as speed and duplex]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris:: How to determine what modules are available to run kstat on]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to obtain cpu info with kstat]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to run ipmi commands on SPARC servers running Solaris]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: How to enable and disable wi-fi]:subcat:Linux
006:[Shell:: How to set or unset bash session idle timeout]:subcat:Shell
006:[Shell:: How to set or unset bash session idle timeout]:subcat:Shell
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: How to install xrdp to allow remote connection to Linux using RDP protocol]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: How to mount CIFS share]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris:: What are the ways to perform solaris reconfiguration reboot]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to change the root role into a normal user]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to change machine hostname]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Cheatsheets:: Network administration commands - netadm, dladm, ipadm, etc]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Networking:: How to change the static IP of net0 interface, dns and default router after changing your local subnet address]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Boot Environment:: What is the relationship between BE in global zone and BE in non global zone and why a BE can be unbootable in non-global zone]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris:: How to ensure there is a cap in the tmpfs mounted on /tmp to avoid using too much of swap space]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to list packages installed in different boot environments]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: How to ZFS send and receive snapshots]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11:: Where to download Solaris Images]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Linux::Storage::iSCSI:: How to connect to iSCSI target and create a filesystem and mount]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris::commands::dd:: How to clone a disk with EFI label]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Linux:: What are the directives in log rotation config file logrotate.conf]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::LVM:: How to add new disk to lvm and create new volume group and logical volume and create new filesystem on it]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: How to use sysctl to read or configure kernel parameters]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Red Hat Enterprise Linux::7.x::grub:: How to rebuild grub config after changing grub menu v]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: How to generate a kickstart script for automated installation]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7::Security::SELINUX:: quick reference]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: How to list services that are automatically started on boot]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: How to install from DVD]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::RAID:: How to manage software RAID with mdadm]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: How to switch between virtual consoles]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: How to perform basic tasks]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7::Desktop::GNOME:: How to check]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: How torefresh or re-read the partition table for a disk]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: How to view the master boot record MBR of a disk]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::commands::lsof:: How to use lsof to identify process or processes accessing a file or filesystem]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7::commands::firewall-cmd:: Examples of firewall-cmd command usage]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::commands::vi:: How to turn on or turn off vim syntax highlighting with color fonts]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7::nmtui:: Text User Interface to the Network Manager for configuring network interfaces]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL:: What is /etc/crontab]:subcat:Linux
006:[curl:: How to use curl to send email via smtp]:subcat:curl
006:[Linux:: How to use for loop to uninstall rpm packages given the dir listing of a list of rpm files]:subcat:Linux
006:[Shell::bash:: Where is the bash command history file location configured]:subcat:Shell
006:[Desktop::Gnome:: How to customize your Gnome Desktop and Gnome applications such as gnome-terminal]:subcat:Desktop
006:[commands::sort:: How to sort by second column in reverse numeric order with tab as field separator]:subcat:commands
006:[Linux:: how to create a file as a swap filesystem and add to you swap space]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: How to check whether apache web server (httpd) service is set to autostart and how to enable it]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: How to install Broadcom BCM43xx 802.11bgn driver into the kernel for RHEL7.2 on HP 14-AM031TU laptop]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: How to list the PCI devices in your computer]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: How to use vinagre (Remote Desktop Viewer) to connect with RDP protocol to a remote Windows host]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: How to use showmount to check whether a remote server is exporting any NFS share]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: Where is the default search path (PATH env variable) set for all users]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: How to launch the Virtual Machine Manager]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: What is the host key for QEMU/KVM]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: nmcli command examples]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::yum:: How to configure yum to connect to repository via a proxy server]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7::KVM:: Example uses of virsh for managing KVM virtual machines]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux:: What are the fields in fstab and how to use them]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris:: How to build package installer from installed files]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Linux::Red Hat:: What are the config file for log rotation (logrotate) and how is it triggered]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: How to install OpenLDAP]:subcat:Linux
006:[Filesystem:: How to use ls to display the inode number of files]:subcat:Filesystem
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: How to use SAMBA to connect to CIFS shares]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7::Software::MySQL:: How to install MySQL]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: Comparison of init based service vs systemd based service]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris:: How to negate find filter conditions when using the find command]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Shell::bash:: How to extract a substring by their start and end position]:subcat:Shell
006:[Shell::bash:: Array manipulation examples]:subcat:Shell
006:[Shell::bash:: printf examples]:subcat:Shell
006:[Shell::bash:: consolidation of various examples [plaintext]]:subcat:Shell
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: How to set persistent IP static route]:subcat:Linux
006:[Utilities::vi:: Examples of search and replace with regular expressions]:subcat:Utilities
006:[Linux::commands::nc:: How to use nc as substitute for telnet to do connectivity test to remote IP and port]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7::RHCE:: System configuration and management part 2]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7::RHCE:: System configuration and management part 3]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7::RHCE:: Section 3 - Network Services]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7::RHCE:: Section 4 - HTTP/HTTPS]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7::Network:: How to fix issue of systemctl restart network failed due to - Failed to start LSB: Bring up down network - error]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7::RHCE:: Section 5 - DNS]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7::RHCE:: Section 6 - NFS]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7::RHCE:: Section 7 - SMB]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7::Desktop::GNOME:: How to configure autostart of terminal application upon user login]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7::Desktop:: How to identify GNOME and GNOME Classic and how to select them for your desktop login]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7::RHCE:: Section 8 - SMTP]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7::RHCE:: Section 9 - SSH]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7::RHCE:: Section 10 - NTP]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7::RHCE:: Section 11 - Database Services]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: Where is the default apache web server home page configured]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: How to assign static IP to a new network itnerface]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: How to disable Screen Lock in GNOME]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7::RHCSA:: How to configure AutoFS to mount user home directories from NFS server]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::8::RHCSA:: EX200 Certification Exam Objectives (for RHEL 8)]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::All:: How to disable IPv6]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::All::Desktop::GNOME:: How to configure automatic login]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::All:: What are the end of support dates for RHEL 4,5,6,7,8]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris::11::Installation:: Overview of Automated Installation]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::Desktop::GNOME:: How to enable automatic login for a user]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Solaris::11::IPS:: What are the parts that make up the FMRI]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: What are the differences between iptables and firewalld and how to switch from one to the other to manager the host firewall rules]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7::Firewall:: Does firewalld depend on iptables]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7::Networking:: What are the command line interface tools (nmcli, ip) and which package provide them]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: How to install ansible and ansible tower]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::All::subscription-manager:: Where to get subscription-manager command cheatsheet]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::All::yum:: How are yum plugins enabled]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::LVM:: How to shrink an xfs filesystem]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::All::LVM:: How to add new logical volume and add swap space]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::All::subscription-manager:: How to prevent automatic enabling of yum plugin for subscription manager]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Kernel:: How to list all file system drivers supported by the kernel]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::kernel:: How to prevent a kernel module from being loaded]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::iptables:: Cheatsheet and examples]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::6:: How to configure static and dynamic IP address without using Network Manager]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::All::Recovery:: How to troubleshoot and recover root password or unbootable system]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::Satellite:: How to use hammer command in satellite server]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::yum:: How to resolve issue with yum update due to version lock]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::All:: How to check if a system requires reboot such as after patching]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: How to use aureport to search for events in audit log]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris::11:: How to disable display of warning messages for unsigned kernel modules]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Linux::RHEL::All::chrony:: What is the command line interface for chrony daemon for time synchronization]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::Centos:: Where to obtain CIS hardening compliance check scripts for Centos]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris::11::shell::bash:: How to define command aliases for the user using bash as shell]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Linux::Networking:: How to use netstat to list tcp ports listening and udp ports listening]:subcat:Linux
006:[Solaris::11::Networking:: Examples of networking commands - dladm ipadm netadm netcfg and route]:subcat:Solaris
006:[Linux::RHEL::All:: find command examples]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::applications::mutt:: How to connect to the user mailbox using imap or pop3 protocol]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: How to disable dnsmasq from being autostarted by libvirtd service]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7::grub2:: How to ensure you are not prompted by grub2 bootloger for password to boot]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: How to fix unable to to boot due to lvm swap volume removed]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::abrt:: How to clean up files under /var/spool/abrt directory]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: How to resolve error (-F missing operation for auid) when applying audit rules hardening]:subcat:Linux
006:[SSH::OpenSSH:: How to ensure ssh session not disconnected by configurating keep alive messages from the client]:subcat:SSH
006:[Linux::Commands::ps:: How to show the full long username in the output of ps command]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL:: How to remount read-only fileystem as read-write]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::Java:: How to use the alternatives command to switch between OpenJDK and Oracle Hotspot Java]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL:: How to install epel repo on RHEL 7 or Centos 7]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::RHEL::7::RHCE:: EX300 practice]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::elinks:: How to invoke elinks pulldown menu and change the browser options]:subcat:Linux
006:[Linux::tcpdump:: Examples of tcpdump command usage]:subcat:Linux
006:[Shell::Bash:: How to recall a command from history without running it]:subcat:Shell
006:[Linux::RHEL::7:: Where to download the official Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 documentation in PDF format]:subcat:Linux
006:[curl:: How to force curl to follow the http 301 redirect response]:subcat:curl
006:[Linux::Redhat::LVM:: How to extend a filesystem by adding a new physical disk using LVM]:subcat:Linux
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itempriv = 11111111
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