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Q.952richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Solaris::11::ZFS:: How to convert a zfs pool from single disk to a mirror of 2 disk.
Q.1010richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Solaris::11::ZFS:: How to relabel a disk with SMI (VTOC) label e.g. when recovering ZFS root disk.
Q.1120richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Solaris::11::ZFS:: How to list shares defined in zfs file system.
Q.1121richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Solaris::11::ZFS:: What are the differences in create shares in ZFS between Solaris 11 and Solaris 11.1.
Q.1123richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Solaris::11::ZFS:: How to recursively list all NFS share related properties in ZFS file system.
Q.1670richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Solaris::11::ZFS:: How to ZFS send and receive snapshots.
Q.2081richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Solaris::11::ZFS:: How to expand root pool (rpool) by attaching and migrating to a bigger disk.