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Q.13plainSoftware::Services::X Windows::On Linux:: How to display available color names.
Q.14plainSoftware::Services::X Windows::On Linux:: What are the startup scripts for X windows on Linux.
Q.15plainSoftware::Services::X Windows::Linux:: Where are the x applications default resources file.
Q.23plainSoftware::Services::X Windows::On Linux::How to configure Xf86 x server.
Q.25plainSoftware::Services::X Windows::On Unix::How to run a remote X application and display on the local X server.
Q.40plainSoftware::Services::X Windows::On Linux::Where is the XFree86 X Server configuration file and script.
Q.45plainSoftware::Services::X Windows::On Linux::How to list available fonts on an xserver.
Q.124plainSoftware::Services::X Windows::On Linux:: What is the startup sequence of X Windows on Linux.
Q.200plainSoftware::Services::X Windows::On Linux:: How to configure XFree86 server on Linux.
Q.1168richtextSoftware::Services::X Windows:: What are the X Windows Server software available for Windows.
Q.1423richtextSoftware::Services::X Windows:: How to ensure we can export x-client display from linux remote server to a local Windows desktop running Xming x server.