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Q.156plainSoftware::OS::Windows::API::ADSI::Perl:: How to access an object given its Distinguised Name (DN).
Q.174plainSoftware::OS::Windows::API::CDO:: How to install CDO.
Q.204plainSoftware::OS::Windows::API::ADSI:: How to list the OUs under a given active directory container.
Q.205plainSoftware::OS::Windows::API::ADSI::Perl:: How to display the full name aka. account Display Name - for a particular user.
Q.207plainSoftware::OS::Windows::API::ADSI::ADO:: How to list groups in another domain in the forest.
Q.208plainSoftware::OS::Windows::API::ADSI::Perl:: How to list group objects in particular OU in a particular domain.
Q.209plainSoftware::OS::Windows::API::ADSI::Perl:: How to search for groups in a particular OU and display their members.
Q.210plainSoftware::OS::Windows::API::ADSI::Perl:: How to get the members of a domain group given the full Distinguished Name (DN) of the group.
Q.211plainSoftware::OS::Windows::API::ADSI::ADO:: How to use ADO to query Active Directory.
Q.339plainSoftware::OS::Windows::API::ODBC:: Where are the registry keys for ODBC settings.
Q.696plainSoftware::OS::Windows::API:: What are the possible values for privileges (rights).