How to configure a newly installed hMailServer to add your domain and email account

Fig. 1. Launch hMailServer Administrator and login as Administrator

Fig. 2. Select Domains and then click Add domain

Fig. 3. Enter the domain name and tick Enabled

Fig. 4. Click Save

Fig. 5. Expand the newly added domain and select Accounts. Click Add

Fig. 6. Enter the email address, type in the password in the password box and then select the appropriate administration level. Tick Enabled

Fig. 7. Enter the Firstname and Lastname of the account. Click Save

Fig. 8. Click Exit

Fig. 9. Test by launching Microsoft Outlook

Fig. 10. Create a new profile

Fig. 11. Enter the email account details. Click Next

Fig. 12. Tick "Manually configure ..." and then click Next

Fig. 13. Select INternet E-mail as the type of service

Fig. 14. Enter the pop3 and smtp server addresses and login details for pop3 server

Fig. 15. Tick My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication and select Use same settings as my incoming mail server

Fig. 16. Test the account settings

Fig. 17. Make sure incoming and outgoing email tests complete successfully