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Backup operations can also be performed at the command prompt using ntbackup. Most of the command parameters do not require user input and can therefore be implemented in batch files. However, a few of the parameters require user input. The following parameters require user input: Syntax: ntbackup [/nopoll] [/missingtape] /nopoll Specifies that the tape should be erased. Do not use /nopoll with any other parameters. /missingtape Specifies that a tape is missing from the backup set when the set spans several tapes. Each tape becomes a single unit as opposed to being part of the set. You can create a batch file to back up one or more drives regularly. However, using batch files enables you to back up directories only (not individual files). Wildcard characters cannot be used in the batch files. Syntax: ntbackup operation path [/a][/v][/r][/d "text"][/b][/hc:{on | off}] [/t {option}][/l "filename"][/e][/tape:{n}] Parameters: operation Specifies the operation, backup or eject. Each of the following parameters (except /tape) must be used only with the backup operation parameter. path Specifies one or more paths of the directories to be backed up. /a Causes backup sets to be added or appended after the last backup set on the tape. When /a is not specified, the program overwrites previous data. When more than one drive is specified but /a is not, the program overwrites the contents of the tape with the information from the first drive selected and then appends the backup sets for the remaining drives. /v Verifies the operation. /r Restricts access. /d "text" Specifies a description of the backup contents. /b Specifies that the local registry be backed up. /hc:on or /hc:off Specifies that hardware compression is on or off. /t {option} Specifies the backup type. Option can be one of the following: normal copy incremental differential daily /l "filename" Specifies the filename for the backup log. /e Specifies that the backup log include exceptions only. /tape:{n} Specifies the tape drive to which the files should be backed up. N is a number from 0 to 9 that corresponds to the number the drive was assigned when the tape drive was installed.