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Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) SCHEMES (last updated 03 June 2005) This is the Official IANA Registry of URI Schemes In the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) definition RFC3986,RFC1738 there is a field, called "scheme", to identify the type of resource and access method. Scheme Name Description Reference ----------- ----------------------------------------- --------- ftp File Transfer Protocol RFC1738 http Hypertext Transfer Protocol RFC2616 gopher The Gopher Protocol RFC-hoffman-gopher-uri-03.txt mailto Electronic mail address RFC2368 news USENET news RFC1738 nntp USENET news using NNTP access RFC1738 telnet Reference to interactive sessions RFC-hoffman-telnet-uri-04.txt wais Wide Area Information Servers RFC-hoffman-wais-uri-03.txt file Host-specific file names RFC1738 prospero Prospero Directory Service RFC-hoffman-prospero-uri-03.txt z39.50s Z39.50 Session RFC2056 z39.50r Z39.50 Retrieval RFC2056 cid content identifier RFC2392 mid message identifier RFC2392 vemmi versatile multimedia interface RFC2122 service service location RFC2609 imap internet message access protocol RFC2192 nfs network file system protocol RFC2224 acap application configuration access protocol RFC2244 rtsp real time streaming protocol RFC2326 tip Transaction Internet Protocol RFC2371 pop Post Office Protocol v3 RFC2384 data data RFC2397 dav dav RFC2518 opaquelocktoken opaquelocktoken RFC2518 sip session initiation protocol RFC3261 sips secure session intitiaion protocol RFC3261 tel telephone RFC2806 fax fax RFC2806 modem modem RFC2806 ldap Lightweight Directory Access Protocol RFC-ietf-ldapbis-url-09.txt https Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure RFC2818 soap.beep soap.beep RFC3288 soap.beeps soap.beeps RFC3288 xmlrpc.beep xmlrpc.beep RFC3529 xmlrpc.beeps xmlrpc.beeps RFC3529 urn Uniform Resource Names RFC2141 (see: go go RFC3368 h323 H.323 RFC3508 ipp Internet Printing Protocol RFC3510 tftp Trivial File Transfer Protocol RFC3617 mupdate Mailbox Update (MUPDATE) Protocol RFC3656 pres Presence RFC3859 im Instant Messaging RFC3860 mtqp Message Tracking Query Protocol RFC3887 iris.beep iris.beep RFC3983 dict dictionary service protocol RFC2229 snmp Simple Network Management Protocol RFC-black-snmp-uri-09.txt crid TV-Anytime Content Reference Identifier RFC-earnshaw-tv-anytime-crid-04.txt tag tag RFC-kindberg-tag-uri-07.txt Reserved URI Scheme Names: afs Andrew File System global file names tn3270 Interactive 3270 emulation sessions mailserver Access to data available from mail servers REFERENCES ---------- RFC1738 Berners-Lee, T., L. 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