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TTERMPRO [<host>[[:]<TCP port#>]] [/B] [/C=<serial port#>] [/F=<setup file>] [/FD=<file transfer directory>] [/H] [/I] [/K=<keyboard setup file>] [/KR=<kanji code (receive)>] [/KT=<kanji code (transmit)>] [/L=<log file>] [/LA=<language>] [/M=<macro file>] [/P=<TCP port#>] [/R=<replay file>] [/T=<telnet flag>] [/V] [/W="<window title>"] [/X=<window pos (x)] [/Y=<window pos (y)] [;<comment>] where: <host> Host name or IP address. <host>:<TCP port#> <host> with a TCP port number. ":" is placed between <host> and <TCP port#>. <host> <TCP port#> <host> with a TCP port number. Space character(s) between <host> and <TCP port#>. Number just after <host> is interpreted as a port number. /B Telnet binary option. /C=<serial port#> /C=1 COM1 /C=2 COM2 /C=3 COM3 /C=4 COM4 /F=<setup file> /F=TERATERM.INI (default) /FD=<file transfer directory> /H Hide title bar. /I Start Tera Term in iconized state. /K=<keyboard setup file> /K=KEYBOARD.CNF (default) /KR=<kanji code (receive)> Note: Japanese mode only /KR=SJIS /KR=EUC /KR=JIS /KT=<kanji code (transmit)> Note: Japanese mode only /KT=SJIS /KT=EUC /KT=JIS /L=<log file> Start Tera Term with logging. /LA=<language> Language mode. /LA=E English /LA=J Japanese /LA=R Russian /M=<macro file> Start Tera Term with macro. /P=<TCP port#> /R=<replay file> /T=<telnet flag> /T=1 Enable telnet /T=0 Disable telnet /V Start Tera Term in hidden (invisible) state. /W="<window title>" /X=<window position (x)> /Y=<window position (y)> ;<comment> Comment. Should be last in the command line. Example: TTERMPRO TTERMPRO myhost.mydomain TTERMPRO myhost.mydomain:23 TTERMPRO myhost.mydomain 23 TTERMPRO TTERMPRO myhost.mydomain /T=0 /P=7 TTERMPRO /C=1 TTERMPRO /F=TELNET.INI TTERMPRO foohost.foodomain /F=FOOHOST.INI TTERMPRO /C=2 /F=MYSETUP.INI TTERMPRO /K=MYKEY.CNF /W="My host" TTERMPRO /R=README.TXT ; replay a file TTERMPRO myhost /B /X=100 /Y=50 Default values Following default values are stored in the Tera Term setup file: <TCP port#> /B <serial port#> <file transfer directory> /H <kanji code (receive)> <kanji code (transmit)> <language> <macro file> <telnet flag> <window title> <window pos (x)> <window pos (y)>