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StarUML – a UML/MDA platform for Microsoft Windows, licenced under a modified version of download - Acceleo – Eclipse and EMF template based system for source code generation from UML models. ArgoUML - a Java-based UML engineering tool. ATL - a QVT-tool allowing to transform (among others) UML models into other models, including UML, Java, etc. ATL is a complete open-source solution available from the Eclipse GMT project (Generative Modeling Tools). BOUML – under GPL, written in C /Qt Dia – a GTK /GNOME diagramming tool that also supports UML (GNU GPL licenced) Eclipse – with Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) and UML 2.0 (meta model without GUI) projects. Fujaba – UML and Java development platform; Eclipse version available. Gaphor – a GTK /GNOME UML 2.0 modeling environment written in Python. MetaUML – Textual notation for UML. Diagram rendering based on MetaPost, suitable for LaTeX typesetting. MonoUML – based on the latest Mono, GTK and ExpertCoder. NetBeans – with NetBeans IDE 5.5 Enterprise Pack. Umbrello UML Modeller – part of KDE. UML Pad – a UML modeller written in C /wxWidgets (GNU GPL licenced) UMLet – a Java-based UML tool (GNU GPL licenced). Visual Paradigm SDE Community Edition - Visual Paradigm SDE integrates with all leading IDEs (Visual Studio®, Eclipse/WebSphere®, Borland JBuilder®, NetBeans/Sun™ ONE, IntelliJ IDEA™, Oracle JDeveloper, BEA WebLogic Workshop™)