Software >> OS >> Unix >> Linux >> Applications >> VNC >> how to connect to linux via vnc

1.  telnet to the linux machine eg.
    telnet myserver
2.  on the telnet session logon as yourself, run vncserver
    $ vncserver
3.  if you have not created password for your userid, then vncserver
    will prompt you to create one, if you want to change previous
    passwords, run vncpasswd before running vncserver
4.  vncserver will run an instance of the vnc server at a specific
    display number eg :2  .  Note this display number because you
    must specify it to connect
5.  from remote machine to connect via
    vncviewer, connect to <host>:display  eg. myserver:2
    web browser, connect to http://<host>:5800 display no eg
6.  to end the server side
    vncserver -kill :<display no.>   eg.
    vncserver -kill :2