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/usr/bin/pkg set-publisher [-Ped] [-k ssl_key] [-c ssl_cert]
    [-g origin_to_add | --add-origin origin_to_add ...]
    [-G origin_to_remove | --remove-origin origin_to_remove ...]
    [-m mirror_to_add | --add-mirror mirror_to_add ...]
    [-M mirror_to_remove | --remove-mirror mirror_to_remove ...]
    [--enable] [--disable] [--no-refresh] [--reset-uuid]
    [--non-sticky] [--sticky] [--search-after publisher]
    [--search-before publisher] [--search-first]
    [--approve-ca-cert path_to_CA]
    [--revoke-ca-cert hash_of_CA_to_remove]
    [--unset-ca-cert hash_of_CA_to_remove]
    [--set-property name_of_property=value]
    [--add-property-value name_of_property=value_to_add]
    [--remove-property-value name_of_property=value_to_remove]
    [--unset-property name_of_property_to_delete] 
    [--proxy proxy_to_use] publisher 

Set publisher stickiness with the set-publisher subcommand

A newly-added publisher is sticky by default.

If a publisher is non-sticky, then a package that was installed from this publisher could be updated from another publisher.