Software >> OS >> Windows >> 10 >> Bluetooth >>  How to use bluetooth speaker as the default speaker

starting from un-paired state

  1. <Windows>-Q
  2. type bluetooth
  3. launch Bluetooth settings from the search results
  4. toggle bluetooth button to On
  5. initiaite pairing mode on your bluetooth speaker e.g. press on button for few seconds until blinking red + blue
  6. select the device in Windows 10 and click pair
  7. the bluetooth device status will change to Connected in Windows 10
  8. On the system tray (bottom right), hover over the speaker icon, right mouse click and select Playback devices
  9. In the window that pops up, sound playback devices will be listed included the just connected bluetooth speaker
  10. Select that bluetooth speaker, at the bottom, drop down the Set Default list and select Default Device or Default Communication Device