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Usage: python

web2py Web Framework startup script. ATTENTION: unless a password is specified
(-a 'passwd') web2py will attempt to run a GUI. In this case command line
options are ignored.

  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -i IP, --ip=IP        IP address of the server (e.g., or ::1);
                        Note: This value is ignored when using the
                        'interfaces' option.
  -p PORT, --port=PORT  port of server (8000)
  -G GAE, --GAE=GAE     '-G configure' will create app.yaml and
  -a PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD
                        password to be used for administration (use -a
                        "<recycle>" to reuse the last password))
                        file that contains ssl certificate
  -k SSL_PRIVATE_KEY, --ssl_private_key=SSL_PRIVATE_KEY
                        file that contains ssl private key
                        Use this file containing the CA certificate to
                        validate X509 certificates from clients
  -d PID_FILENAME, --pid_filename=PID_FILENAME
                        file to store the pid of the server
  -l LOG_FILENAME, --log_filename=LOG_FILENAME
                        file to log connections
  -n NUMTHREADS, --numthreads=NUMTHREADS
                        number of threads (deprecated)
                        minimum number of server threads
                        maximum number of server threads
  -s SERVER_NAME, --server_name=SERVER_NAME
                        server name for the web server
  -q REQUEST_QUEUE_SIZE, --request_queue_size=REQUEST_QUEUE_SIZE
                        max number of queued requests when server unavailable
  -o TIMEOUT, --timeout=TIMEOUT
                        timeout for individual request (10 seconds)
                        timeout on shutdown of server (5 seconds)
                        timeout for socket (5 second)
  -f FOLDER, --folder=FOLDER
                        folder from which to run web2py
  -v, --verbose         increase --test verbosity
  -Q, --quiet           disable all output
  -e, --errors_to_console
                        log all errors to console
                        set debug output level (0-100, 0 means all, 100 means
                        none; default is 30)
                        run web2py in interactive shell or IPython (if
                        installed) with specified appname (if app does not
                        exist it will be created). APPNAME like a/c/f (c,f
  -B, --bpython         run web2py in interactive shell or bpython (if
                        installed) with specified appname (if app does not
                        exist it will be created). Use combined with --shell
  -P, --plain           only use plain python shell; should be used with
                        --shell option
  -M, --import_models   auto import model files; default is False; should be
                        used with --shell option
                        run PYTHON_FILE in web2py environment; should be used
                        with --shell option
                        run scheduled tasks for the specified apps: expects a
                        list of app names as -K app1,app2,app3 or a list of
                        app:groups as -K app1:group1:group2,app2:group1 to
                        override specific group_names. (only strings, no
                        spaces allowed. Requires a scheduler defined in the
  -X, --with-scheduler  run schedulers alongside webserver, needs -K app1 and
                        -a too
                        run doctests in web2py environment; TEST_PATH like
                        a/c/f (c,f optional)
  -C, --cron            trigger a cron run manually; usually invoked from a
                        system crontab
  --softcron            triggers the use of softcron
  -Y, --run-cron        start the background cron process
  -J, --cronjob         identify cron-initiated command
  -L CONFIG, --config=CONFIG
                        config file
                        profiler dir
  -t, --taskbar         use web2py gui and run in taskbar (system tray)
  --nogui               text-only, no GUI
  -A ARGS, --args=ARGS  should be followed by a list of arguments to be passed
                        to script, to be used with -S, -A must be the last
  --no-banner           Do not print header banner
                        listen on multiple addresses: "ip1:port1:key1:cert1:ca
                        (:key:cert:ca_cert optional; no spaces; IPv6 addresses
                        must be in square [] brackets)
  --run_system_tests    runs web2py tests
  --with_coverage       adds coverage reporting (needs --run_system_tests),
                        python 2.7 and the coverage module installed. You can
                        alter the default path setting the environmental var
                        "COVERAGE_PROCESS_START". By default it takes