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Control Panel applet File Name What it does
Add or Remove Programs appwiz.cpl This opens the Uninstall a Program applet. May be used to uninstall installed programs, or add or remove features from Windows
Date and Time timedate.cpl Opens the Date and Time applet. Allows you to set date and time, change time zone, add additional clocks, and sync Internet time.
Device Manager hdwwiz.cpl The Device Manager lists all installed hardware. May be used to install and remove devices, install drivers, and more
Display desk.cpl Display provides you with options to set display related settings such as the color profile or scaling. Loads the Settings app on Windows 10.
Firewall firewall.cpl Opens the Windows Firewall. Turn it on or off, and open the advanced settings to block or allow connections.
Infrared irprops.cpl Lets you manage infrared devices.
Internet Options inetcpl.cpl Opens the classic Internet Options window. Manage Internet settings that Internet Explorer and other browsers may use.
Controllers joy.cpl Manage game controllers connnected to the operating system
Keyboard main.cpl keyboard Change keyboard repeat delay and rate, cursor blink rate, and check installed keyboard hardware.
Language control input.dll Opens the Language control panel applet. Add, remove or change the priority of languages.
Mouse main.cpl The mouse controls enable you to change mouse icons, button behavior, wheel scrolling, and more.
Network netcpl.cpl Opens the Network and Sharing Center. May use it to add a new network, set up connections, and manage existing networks
Network Connections ncpa.cpl Lists all known network connections and their status.
Power powercfg.cpl Opens the Power Options. Set a power plan, and customize it.
Region intl.cpl The Region control panel applets lets you change date and time formats, and your location
Screensaver control desk.cpl,screensaver,@screensaver Opens the Screensaver dialog to enable, disable and configure screensavers.
Sound mmsys.cpl The Sound properties lists all playback and recording devices, options to configure those, and manage sounds and communications.
System Properties sysdm.cpl System properties lists information about the device and Windows, and links to other control panel areas.
Tablet PC tabletpc.cpl Only available if you run in tablet PC mode.
Location Information telephon.cpl Set your country, area code, carrier code and dial number for telephony and modem services.
Security and Maintenance wscui.cpl Manage Security and Maintenance related features
User Accounts control userpasswords Opens the list of user accounts on the system.