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Ubuntu 20.04


## Add the mysql APT repository first

Go to this page to download the .deb package to be installed to add the repository

No need to Login or Sign Up, just proceed to download by clicking "No thanks, just start my download".  At the time of writing this, the direct link is

## assuming the file downloaded was
mysql-apt-config_0.8.19-1_all.deb and stored in your current directory

sudo dpkg -i

## the following window will popup

## press Tab key until <Ok> is highlighted and press Enter

## update your repository

sudo apt update

## confirm that the mysql APT repository is not added to our APT sources list

sudo find /etc -name '*.list' -exec grep mysql {} \;

## The output should look like the following

# Use command 'dpkg-reconfigure mysql-apt-config' as root for modifications.
deb focal mysql-apt-config
deb focal mysql-8.0
deb focal mysql-tools
#deb focal mysql-tools-preview
deb-src focal mysql-8.0

## Now we are ready to install mysql-workbench-community using apt install

sudo apt install mysql-workbench-community